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Our Solution optimizes Procurement, Supply and Logistics for Financial institutions and small to medium Enterprises( SME’s)
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What is Tradata

Tradata is a web and mobile application that streamlines, optimizes and drives cost savings for the procurement function of financial services companies and SME's.

Our solution uses process automation, real time insights and data analytics to deliver on the unique requirements of our target market at a lower cost than our competitors


To transform and optimize businesses procurement, supply chain and logistics leveraging technology.

Our Background

Tradata is an application borne out of a gap in the market to address the rigid, manual complexities, inefficiencies and increasing administration costs associated with the procurement process of businesses.

Our solution was developed and incubated from the ground up to digitize and automate the procurement process thereby stream-lining and optimizing the function. Since market entry, Tradata has delivered cost savings, compliance and transparency for all our valued clients

Solution Deliverables

Our clients are able to monitor and manage actual spend versus budget allocation real time.

We envisage our solution aggregating the data and correlating it into algorithms based on our clients business models using machine learning .

Our clients procurement processes become paperless, seamless and compliant with their policies and procedures.

Our clients realise cost saving of up to 30% on our solution at lower costs than similar solutions in the market .


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Our clients realise cost saving of up to 30% on our solution at lower costs than similar solutions in the market.


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